Adopt a Monkey

adoption pack new teddy copyA cuddly monkey toy* (optional), discount to The Monkey Sanctuary, an adoption pack including certificate, photo, monkey story, species fact-sheet and newsletter updates makes a Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary adoption a must-have for all monkey lovers!

Our Sanctuary has rescued and cared for 160 monkeys over the past 50 years, many ex-pets or rescued from the entertainment industry.  Most of the monkeys were rescued from desperate situations where they led sad, lonely lives full of neglect.

*monkey toy can differ from photo

Will you adopt one of our monkeys and help Wild Futures rescue and protect more monkeys in need from just £3 a month?

Kodak Capuchin


Adopt a capuchin

Capuchins are rising in popularity as pets.  All our rescued capuchins suffer either physically or mentally following their time kept as pets.  A third of our rescued capuchins have diabetic issues due to poor diets as pets and now require a strictly controlled diet and medication.

Pablo Woolly



Adopt a woolly monkey

Woolly monkeys are endangered in their homelands in South America.  Deforestation is having a huge and devastating impact on their population numbers.  The trading in woolly monkeys is now illegal however they are still kept as a pet (often illegally) in South America.

Donkey Barbary



Adopt a Barbary macaque

Barbary macaques are native to North Africa.  Sadly, they are Endangered in part as a result of the European pet trade.  Macaques are regularly captured as infants and smuggled into Europe, where rescue centres are overwhelmed with demand.


Wild Futures

The Monkey Sanctuary is run by leading primate welfare charity, Wild Futures.