Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary relies upon the help of volunteers for many things and  could not function without them. Many people who visit or read about the Sanctuary are interested in learning more about the monkeys and about the people who take care of them. Volunteering at the Sanctuary is a great way of doing this.

Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary hosts up to 10 volunteers at a time in shared accommodation in our Sanctuary house, all year round. Short-term placements run from 2-6 weeks, and long-term for up to 3 months. No qualifications are needed.

The Monkey Sanctuary is visited by thirty thousand people every year. These people come to the Sanctuary for the opportunity to meet monkeys and to see them living in a natural colony. A lot of effort goes into providing people with an enjoyable and educational experience. Although volunteers do not work directly with the monkeys, they do help make sure that things run smoothly. All year round volunteers help to clean the monkey territory, learn to collect wild leaves, prepare food and make enrichment items for the monkeys and hear talks from keeper about the monkeys.

For many volunteers their time at the Sanctuary is their first experience of communal living. The Sanctuary provides volunteers with a chance to become part of the community and to share our commitment to care for the monkeys. You do not need any special skills to become a volunteer, but you need to be over 18 and have a good working knowledge of the English language and a general concern for animals and nature.

If you are interested to know what happens with monkeys, keepers and visitors from behind the scenes, contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator at volunteer@wildfutures.org for more information or write to (including a SAE):

The Monkey Sanctuary
PL13 1NZ

The Monkey Sanctuary is proud to be listed in Green Volunteers, the World Guide Database to Voluntary Work in Nature Conservation


Monkeys Marvel at Chinese New Year!

February 8th, 2016

The primate residents at Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary are celebrating the Chinese New Year, in tribute to the Year of the Monkey. The Looe-based charity have come up with an apt way to celebrate Chinese New Year; by giving gifts to the monkeys that pay homage to Chinese tradition. The fortunate monkeys have received gift [...]

Primate welfare charity asks that we remember the monkey in the tug of love story

January 15th, 2016

Media reports of a “Tug of Love” story which involves a pet marmoset monkey have focussed on the feelings of the humans, but have ignored the true victim. Wild Futures, the UK primate welfare and conservation charity, has responded to the story of “Falcao” a pet monkey who was reportedly sold by the ex-partner of [...]

Happy New Year of the Monkey!

January 12th, 2016

A special New Year’s message from our Director… 2016 is Year of the Monkey in the Chinese calendar which, of course, warms the heart of Wild Futures. In fact, as a charity dedicated to protecting primates and habitats worldwide, every year is a year of the monkey (ape and prosimian…) to us! We’ve had another [...]


December 17th, 2015

Animal charity, Wild Futures, has launched an urgent appeal to rescue a number of tiny marmoset monkeys from conditions of abuse and neglect in the primate pet trade. Wild Futures needs to raise £60,000 to build a dedicated facility at The Monkey Sanctuary, near Looe, where the monkeys will be offered specialist intensive care and [...]

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