The Monkey Sanctuary is First in Europe to Earn Accreditation from Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

The Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary based near Looe, Cornwall is extremely proud to announce that it is the first sanctuary in Europe to receive accreditation from the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS).GFAS Accreditation logo

The accreditation means that The Monkey Sanctuary fits the comprehensive and rigorous definition of a true sanctuary; providing humane and responsible care for the animals by meeting the demanding peer-reviewed standards for operations, administration, veterinary care and animal husbandry established by GFAS.

GFAS was formed in 2007 by globally recognised leaders in animal protection with the purpose of strengthening and supporting the work of animal sanctuaries worldwide. GFAS helps sanctuaries help animals by providing a set of clear, specific standards for the humane care of various species in captive facilities and for sanctuary governance. It is the first animal sanctuary accrediting organisation operating on an international level and brings new opportunities for global cooperation and mentoring.

Rachel Hevesi, Director of Wild Futures said: “As a sanctuary that has been caring for monkeys for nearly 50 years, we are very proud that our hard work has been recognised by an international organisation such as GFAS. Until now, there has been no clear definition of a sanctuary and so it is very important for animal welfare that GFAS is working to help define this.”

Patty Finch, Executive Director of GFAS stated: “We are so thrilled to have a sanctuary of such high calibre as our first GFAS Accredited Sanctuary in Europe. Wild Futures not only provides wonderful habitat for the monkeys in its care, but is also very actively involved in campaigning on primate conservation and welfare, in particular against the keeping of primates as pets. This crucial work is in evidence around the sanctuary and in their literature. The organisation has a well-developed education outreach programme for schools and universities. Wild Futures also generously engages in sharing information and skills with other sanctuaries, through exchange of staff skills. All this speaks to an organisation dedicated to bringing about long term solutions.”

Chris Draper, Co-ordinator for GFAS Europe, and Senior Scientific Researcher at the Born Free Foundation added: “Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary serves as an example of excellence in animal care and in campaigning against the keeping of primates as pets, and I am delighted to recognise the hard work and dedication of all the staff.”

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